“Grant me this boon, O Lord ! That I may never be afraid from doing good deeds”

From Principal’s Desk…………..

The primary purpose of the School is to guide the child’s discovery of himself. Just as each seed contains the future tree, each child is born with infinite potential, to recognize this and bring up the holistic development of a student is the real teaching career.


Education is not the filling of the vessel but kindling of a flame. The word Education itself comes from the work “Educare”, which means to bring out what is already in and not blindly stuff in.


There is a lot of stress on achievement and performance from the teachers and parents on students. In this mad race, morals and values are left behind. The School puts a thrust on value-based education to match all with the modern scenario, keeping in view the requirements of the time and in order to equip the students to compete with the best.


Learning experiences and opportunities are created for learners in this school to build knowledge, skills and attitude. The development of Co-Scholastic aspects of student’s personality such as Life Skills, Attitude and Values are also taken care, which is based on his participation and achievement in Co-curricular activities as well as Health and Physical Education.


In order to stay alert in the Job Market of 21 Century. The School has taken one more leap for a tremendous boost in job opportunities.


Permission granted by CBSE for Vocational Subjects in Classes IX and X in 2017.

1. Information Technology      2. Banking and Insurance

3. Introduction to Tourism      4. Food Production

(Simranjeet  Singh one of our student got placement for job in Muglai Restaurant of China.)


About 90 percent of employment opportunities require Vocational Skills.


The Education in School has incorporated there Skill Subjects in the main stream education.


Mrs. Sonal Sharma