“Grant me this boon, O Lord ! That I may never be afraid from doing good deeds”

 From the Principal’s desk .......!


Times & circumstances constantly change for all of us. However, it is how we deal with such changes is what define us.

Life is hectic & stressful & to ward off this negativity, it is of utmost importance that we focus on developing a healthy lifestyle both physically & mentally.

Dear students, you have always been my top priority & vital part of this institution. Our endeavuor is to provide a wonderful happy schooling no matter what situation & circumstances are.

Everyone in this institution works for your welfare. We know that you are really brilliant, talented and hard working but what is required is to bring out your camouflaged brilliance & talents on the platform. This is what my staff members are striving for.

The school conducts an array of activities throughout the year bringing out the skills among children. We want to instill good qualities in you all so that you live by those values in future. We want to give you a strong foundation as  we believe that if the base is strong, it will help you to face the challenges of life easily.

It is rightly said that success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving, make mistakes but they don’t quit.

I congratulate the editorial boards on its tireless efforts in bringing out the publications of school magazine.

Wishing everyone a great future !!!



Mrs. Sonal Sharma