“Grant me this boon, O Lord ! That I may never be afraid from doing good deeds”

English Language Lab.

Education System for schools at Primary & Secondary Level involves subjects of two categories, Content Subjects and Skill Subjects.

English is one of the Skill Subjects taught as a second language in schools.

Students need to acquire a competency level in proficiency of speaking and writing in English to meet global standards.

This infrastructure of English Language Lab in our school is a step ahead for enhancing listening and speaking skills with grammatically correct and accurate pronunciation. Teaching a language needs to get more learner centric and become more effective in terms of actual skill development.

 A. The Lab provides a platform for proficiency in Spoken English : on levels of, Listening Comprehension, Grammar Enhancement Activities, Public Speaking Activities, Fluency Attainment etc.

B. It also has a feature of learning through Picture Dictionary particularly for Primary Level students to learn and remember reference and meaning of words.

C. Another important feature is Vernacular Translator as of students come from Hindi Speaking Belt, it makes easy for them to translate the word from their Mother Tongue to English.

 D. English Language Lab has the features of Games and Activities, like Story Telling and different Games for Primary Level students, which makes learning interesting and stress free.

E. Reading and Writing Skills of English Language are developed to empower students to become competent and confident while communicating in English.